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Orange - Dal yn gwrthod cydnabod y Gymraeg

Wedi derbyn llythyr nôl gan Orange ar ôl i fi anfon fy SIM atyn nhw gan ddatgan nad oedd gen i fwriad i dalu bill ffon o £200 nes fy mod i'n derbyn gwasanaethau yn fy mamiaith. Dyma be sy da nhw ddweud:

Thank you for your letter dated 24th August 2004 and addressed to Amanda Doyle. Ms Doyle has asked me to advise you on her behalf on the issues arising from non payment of the bill for this account.

It is standard Orange practice to terminate accounts where the balance remains outstanding and to pass unsettled debts to a debt collection agency. Referral to the debt collection agency incurs additional costs and may result in an adverse credit rating. I hope that by providing clear details of the undeniable legal basis for this debt I will give you the opportunity to avoid these adverse effects.

[amodau'r cytundeb... blah, blah, blah]

I can find no details in the previous correspondence to indicate any doubt as to the fact that the services for which you have been billed were used. I am therfore unable to recommend that this matter is withdrawn from the debt collection agency or that the sums involved be modified. I hope that this is sufficient to persuade you to settle the sums owing on the account before the matter progresses any further.

Matt Geoffrey
Orange Legal Department

Ma'r boi yn iawn am y ffaith nad oes unrhyw gwestiwn ynglyn a'r ffaith fy mod i wedi fy milio am wasanaethau nes i ddefnyddio. Ffycin protest yw hwn! Sdim ots da fi oss dwi'n cael credit rating gwael 'chwaith, achos ma fe uffernol yn barod! Dwi yn hollol barod i gael fy erlyn am beidio a thalu'r bil.

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